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Anonymous: Hi. I'm so shy and I'm constantly afraid to talk to people because I always worry that I'll be laughed at or that they'll think I'm boring. I hate begin shy but I don't know what to do :( any tips? I just thought of asking you because you're so lovely and seem out going, wish I was more like that. Thank you x

ok right, you seem like so so so paranoid about what other people think of you and if i’m 100% honest, the things that you’re worrying about, and that you think people might laugh (or something) at you for, people usually don’t even realise, but it’s just because it’s YOU so you’re able to know you’re every strength and weakness, or good points and bad points and whatever, but honestly the things that you worry about, most people don’t even notice about you.

just don’t worry like (as much as i hate this, it’s really true…) like, 



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