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Anonymous: hey i just saw the advice you gave to the last anon and you seem lovely so i thought i'de ask you about this. so basically in my year i think i kind of get bullied? like i'm not too sure if its bullying or just name calling, anyways there's this one girl and everyone loves her (the guys i meen) and because she doesn't like me they don't. so they are constantly making comments about me and stuff saying im a lesbian because i have short hair? its got to the point of upsetting me, what shall i do?

thank you!! and to be honest, it just sounds like the guys are copying this girl in hopes to get laid (most guys are legit bellends) i know it’s gonna feel absolutely shit, but once you get out of school you’ll realise that high school name calling and stuff is just petty and not important. but seriously (i know it’s easier said than done) don’t let it get to you, learn from it and it’ll make you a stronger person. xxxxxx 

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